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Birthdate:Aug 14
Im interested in gender studies & opossed to feminism as I see It as a simplified branch of gender studies and a political movement rather than an area of investigation. I work under an Structulalist (Semiotic & Linguistics) and socio-historic point of view, I dont like postmodern "Theory" with the only exeption of Paul de Man's deconstruction. I follow Marx, Freud and Derrida as the most important influences on my thought. Im a Literature Student.

I know a hell lot of classic rock, I am a jazzkat from Dizzy to Miles, I love Bach and Chopin (they are he architects of heavy metal!), and honestly think The Beatles were the best band on the planet earth. My favourite writter is Borges but I like others like Calvino or classics like Flaubert and Dostoievsky, my favourite Poet would be Baudelaire but I think the best poetry in the whole world is made in Chile (Augusto Anguita, Humberto Casanueva, Enrique Lihn, Gonzalo Rojas, Pablo de Rokha, Armando Uribe y Diego Zurita).

My favourite saga is the Gauntlet of Infinity and my favourite lore is DC. My favourite comics are:
Frank Miller DK2 (I laughted a lot) and 300 (epic!)
Anything Grant Morrison
Anything Alan Moore
The Preacher
Spawn (till the death of Al Simmons)
Zero Hour
No mans land
Morrison's JLA
Wolfman's Teen Titans
Johns's JSA
Identity Crisis
Arkaham Assylum
Kingdom Come
Superman Peace on Earth
52 (DC's Fab Four)
Blackest Night (love the cosmic entities and their rings, but think the star saphires should be Pink-Black instead of Pink-Skin)
Gates of Gotham
Gail Simone's Birds of Prey
Robinson's Starman
Dixon's Robin
Geffen's Justice Lueague International (but think the rich guy manager was a jerk)
Geoff Jhones first 30 Teen Titans Issues
Alan Grant's Batman
Jhon Byrne's Superman
Mike Grell's Green Arrow
Greg Rucka's Batwoman

My favourite new characters are Jaime Reyes and Kate Kain (the best gay character ever) and my all time favourites are the Green Arrow and Batman, my favourite heroine is Barbara Gordon, My favourite Green Lantern is Kyle Ryner. My Favourite Flash is Barry Allen and my Favourite Barry Allen of all time is the one in the early 90 Tv series (the best flash ever!)

The only comic I really HATE is Countdown to Final Crisis, I hate It with despair, even Liefeld work seems funny to me and while I dislike most of his work It doesnt even come close to Countdown. Also James Robinson's JLA and Witchcraft, they are the worst series DC has nade in all history.

Interests (8):

9 stories, aguirre der zorn gottes, most of the 60 & 70. miles daviesand bach, new wave, playing guitar, progresive rock, the book of sand, ulysses
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